Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is Biden’s Terror Attack Warning Related to a Possible Assassination Attempt on Obama?

Kurt Nimmo
February 17, 2010
VP Joe Biden is not worried about a concerted al-Qaeda attack against the United States. He is concerned about a lone individual. “Am I less worried about an attack? No, I’m worried. Am I less worried about a catastrophic event? Yes,” Biden told CBS News.

“We have made more progress in dismantling the hierarchy of Al-Qaeda central. … and evidence of that is, now they’re going to lone bombers as the means to get there. … I’m more worried about, and harder to detect, and I’m very concerned about a terrorist attack in the United States along the lines of the ‘Christmas Day bomber.’ You get a disgruntled student, someone who has some relationship with the United States who is — able to be recruited quickly, able to be indoctrinated quickly. And they say, basically, ‘Here’s a bomb. Go do it,’ as opposed to the kind of planning that’s needed to pull off — a very complicated 9/11,” explained Biden.
Earlier this month, top intelligence officials in the U.S. warned al-Qaeda will attack within three to six months. “Al Qaeda remains a significant threat to the U.S., the officials said, and the group’s recent evolution in tactics includes dispatching individuals who can enter the U.S. without arousing suspicion, such as the man accused of attempting the Christmas Day attack,” The Wall Street Journalreported on February 3, 2010.
MI5, infamous for creating terrorists and would-be terrorist patsies, knew Umar Farouk Abdulmutallabwas connected to so-called Islamic terrorists in Britain.
It is said U.S. officials did not know about the underwear bomber until he was on the plane and en route to Detroit. “U.S. border security officials learned of the alleged extremist links of the suspect in the Christmas Day jetliner bombing attempt as he was airborne from Amsterdam to Detroit and had decided to question him when he landed,” The Los Angeles Times reported on January 7, 2010.
In fact, not only did the U.S. know about an impending terror attack, it had specific details. “The US was aware that ‘a Nigerian’ in Yemen was being prepared for a terrorist attack — weeks before an attempted bombing on a US plane,” the BBC reported on December 30, 2010.
In addition, an Israeli company allowed Abdulmutallab to board the plane. “A Haaretz investigation has learned that the security officers and their supervisor should have suspected the passenger,” the Israeli newspaper reported on January 10, 2010.
The Israeli company, ICTS, also allowed the dim-witted shoe bomber, Richard Reid, to board a plane and handled security at Logan International Airport, from which two of the supposed 9-11 hijacked planes departed.
Coincidence? Ineptitude? Or a covert intelligence operation?
Earlier this week, Prison Planet’s Paul Joseph Watson warned that Obama may be the target of a staged false flag assassination attempt that will be blamed on either the “extreme” right or left, in order to silence dissent in America and blackmail Obama into launching a military assault on Iran.
The corporate media, Watson points out, and its operatives like Glenn Beck on the phony right-wing side and establishment liberals on the phony left were busy manufacturing ready-made patsies upon which the false flag would be blamed.
Beck has said al-Qaeda will “work with anybody” in order to attack America, including white supremacists and 9/11 truthers (see video below). Beck has consistently characterizes the 9/11 truth movement as a dire threat to the United States. He claims truthers are ensconced in the White House and will attack Obama.
It remains to be seen if Joe Biden’s warning is merely more hyper-inflated propaganda and terror attack mongering for political purposes. It is worth noting that he believes the next attack will be carried out by a lone wolf and not al-CIA-duh proper.

Recall Biden’s hysterical warning during the election that Obama would be tested by an international crisis within six months of becoming president. “Watch. We’re going to have an international crisis, a generated crisis, to test the mettle of this guy. And he’s going to need help . . . to stand with him. Because it’s not going to be apparent initially; it’s not going to be apparent that we’re right.”
No such international crisis occurred within Biden’s time-frame.

Utah Senate asserts states’ rights

Brandon Loomis
The Salt Lake Tribune
February 17, 2010

The Utah Senate on Tuesday rebuked growing federal authority with a resolution asserting states’ rights, and some senators arguing for the resolution called their counterparts in Washington “bullies.”

The resolution, SCR3, merely states the Legislature’s feelings on the federal-state split in duties, but supporters said it could send an important message to the federal government to back off if enough states follow their lead.
“It becomes quite significant if you have 40 or 50 other statements like that,” the resolution’s sponsor, Sen. Stuart Adams, R-Layton, said after a 40-minute debate led to a 23-3 vote. “I don’t believe this is [just] a Utah issue.”
It does, however, come amid a barrage of bills and resolutions — 13 in all — that the Utah Legislature is firing at Washington this year. Among them are bills to challenge federal regulation of guns, federal control of lands and federal imposition of health care rules. Adams’ “state sovereignty” resolution wraps the sentiment into one non-binding message, and it passed with only three Democrats dissenting.

BREAKING: Sarah Palin 9/11 truther controversy makes hypocrite of Glenn Beck

Sarah Palin 9/11 truther controversy explodes days after Texas Gubernatorial hopeful Debra Medina outcast as ‘pariah candidate’ for 9/11 comments
Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones
February 17, 2010
Days after Debra Medina’s rising bid for Texas Governor was stung by controversy over comments about 9/11 on the Glenn Beck Show, it has emerged that former Vice Presidential candidate and “Tea Party’ darling Sarah Palin has done her one better– stating her support for a new 9/11 investigation just before the 2008 election, and going far beyond Medina’s mild statement.
Yet, it isn’t the audacity to admit there are remaining questions about 9/11 when scientific polls have found that 84% of Americans do not believe the official story and at least six of the 9/11 commissionersthink their own report is flawed, or worse. Instead, it is the hypocrisy of Glenn Beck and the media cretins who followed his lead in dismissing and defaming Medina outright for not immediately belittling 9/11 truthers while ignoring similar statements by GOP darling Sarah Palin.
The Statesman reported that Glenn Beck even grilled Medina on whether or not she would ‘disavow’ any advisers known to hold certain beliefs about 9/11. Medina responded. “I’m certainly not into mind control or thought-policing people.”
Furthermore, Medina’s GOP challengers– incumbent Rick Perry and Sen. Hutchison blasted her in the media within mere minutes of her 9/11 comments. Surely, they were fearful of Debra Medina’s sharp rise in the polls, and seized on the opportunity to harm her politically.
Sitting Governor Perry, who was endorsed by Sarah Palin during a recent stump appearance at the Texas capitol, stated that Medina’s comments were an “insult”:
“Today’s comments were an insult to the thousands of Americans who lost loved ones on Sept. 11 and the military men and women who are overseas protecting our country. President Bush worked tirelessly to protect our nation from additional terrorist attacks and anyone who would suggest Sept. 11 is a conspiracy involving the Bush administration should be ashamed.”

Will Gov. Rick Perry also rebuke Sarah Palin, his top endorsement, for her potentially “insulting” statement? It is doubtful, and until he does, arguably hypocritical.
Further, Medina is not the only gubernatorial candidate to question the events of 9/11. Democrat Farouk Shami went quite a bit further than anything Medina had said when he stated:
“People have talked about it. Professors have written books about it. People overseas talk about it. Whenever I go overseas, people ask me these questions about it. Why are we questioned about it? Do they know something we don’t know, the public? But you know, look, we still don’t know who killed JFK– whose behind it, let’s put it that way. Would we ever find the truth about 9/11? That’s a very dangerous subject to get into, you know? So it’s hard to make judgement. I’m not saying yes or no. Because I don’t know the truth.”
Yet no fuss is made about these individuals. Debra Medina is attacked, however, because she truly is a threat to the political establishment. Perry, Hutchison, Beck and others pretend to want limited government, pretend to defend the 2nd Amendment and property rights, but really support new taxes, look the other way at corporate looting and otherwise refuse to stand for true Texas sovereignty and the rights of individuals. When Medina proves that she really will change things and challenge undue Federal powers, she is attacked and cast aside as a pariah.
Glenn Beck Dictates what is 'Truth'Glenn Beck, who has stated that he “hates the 9/11 victims’ families” for asking questions, who has called 9/11 truthers “dangerous anarchists”, who hascalled Ron Paul and his supporters ‘domestic terrorists’, has gone out of his way to politically assassinate anyone even loosely affiliated with questioning the official government account of September 11. Now that Beck has underhandedly tried to sabotage Debra Medina, will he also call out fellow FOX News personalitySarah Palin for daring to broachthe subject that makes him come unglued?
And, if Debra Medina is guilty of association with 9/11 truth, Sarah Palin is by definition more guilty. She has stated support for an all-out new investigation of 9/11 (the valhalla of the 9/11 truth movement) All the more threatening because Beck and Gov. Perry have already branded themselves with Palin- agast, a truther in disguise?.
After all, Glenn Beck went so far as to say that Medina’s comments about 9/11 not only urged him to ‘cross her off the list’ but constitute to make her a “Flat Earther.” Yes, Glenn Beck made an astounding appeal on his Feb. 16th program about the 9/11 truth “takeover” of the Tea Party movement. He referred to Debra Medina as a “flat earther” and implied that she, like once White House Czar Van Jones, is somehow a cryptic-9/11 truther who holds her beliefs in secret while attempting to infiltrate the halls of government.
This, Glenn Beck deduces, in an air reminiscent of McCarthy and HUAC, is why he felt the need to flush out Medina’s true attitudes via a surprise question on Sept. 11 orthodoxy. Since when did TV pundits decide what people are allowed to think, anyway? Beck “The Inquisitor” made an example out of Debra Medina and– in true Orwellian fashion– put his boot down firmly, demanding that those ‘dangerous truthers’ be purged or damned.
A real tea party, 9/11 truth.He then lectures on why the NY Times is linking the Tea Party with “violence.” Why? Because of 9/11 Truthers who have ‘infilitrated’ the Tea Party he pretends to speak for.
Despite what Beck has alleged, the 9/11 Truth movement is committed to non-violence. The only danger posed is in the questions it has raised.
Actually, the Tea Parties of the last decade were first those of 9/11 Truth, then Ron Paul, and only after the election of Barack Obama, hijacked by the Republican Party and FOX News as a vehicle for a party resurgence.
By contrast, Glenn Beck gave Sarah Palin a worshipful welcome to the FOX Network only weeks ago, embarrassingly comparing her to George Washington, reading aloud his diary entry anticipating their interview together, putting her on the “most admired list” and otherwise urging her to be a ‘reluctant’ candidate in 2012. (See below or Jon Stewart’s lambast of the awkward interview)

But do not despair. Debra Medina has not lost her potency in the race for Governor. It is precisely because of her unforeseen quickening in the polls that the establishment media and candidates raced to shut down a viable candidate that stood for true issues. Her campaign dies only if you let it. They are afraid of a true Constitutional office holder; don’t let attack dogs like Beck practice duplicity– writing off Medina for 9/11 and praising Palin in spite of it. Let Glenn Beck know that the thought police will not tell us what to think or how to vote.
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