Thursday, September 24, 2009

****Breaking News****At the G20 Conference in Pittsburgh, Military Attack American People with Sound Wave Weapons

James Green
The Info Revolution

While listening to the Alex Jones Show today at around 2pm Central Time, 3 field reporters for The Alex Jones Show got blasted with the new sound wave weapons. This has been reported at town halls earlier this month in California. They were among some protesters at the time in a lawful, protest area that was set up prior to the Summit. They were there checking out the reports of military running security on U.S. soil. Reports of military “assisting” police are growing around the country. The reporters called in to the show on cell phones reporting being attacked with the sound wave weapons. Then they were on air live doing everything they could to get out of the area with the taped footage. The police, decked out in riot gear, then went after everyone around. They were convoying up and down streets and it looked to be getting ready to use gas on the protestors. I cannot believe this is going on with no main stream media coverage at all. They shut down the whole down town area of Pittsburg earlier today to cars, roads, and even the river. This area was reportable shut down with more than 2500 troops, and even more police from neighboring states. It makes no sense at all to be attacking American people like that, but Jason Bermas, one of the reporters on site said that it almost looked staged. He was suggesting that it seemed that some of the protesters were planted there to make all protesters look bad. Again this is me just trying to get a grasp of what is going on as he is still on air right now talking about what is going on. I will study this and post more info and any videos that I get my hands on it. God Bless, and pray for these info warriors.

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