Friday, September 4, 2009

The Info Revolution

Welcome to ‘The Info Revolution’. This blog will be devoted to passing truthful information along about what is really going on in the world, and not what is fed to us by the “corporate” media. I will write my own articles and post vital information from others sites. This country has seemed to be on a downward spiral for a very long time and it seems that it only gets worse (a lot worse would be an understatement at this point). I live near Springfield Missouri, and I will cover things that are happening locally for my local readers. I will also cover National and World News and pass on links to videos and other sites reporting what I have found as truthful information. Please pass this blog along to friends, patriots, and anyone else who you feel may be interested in this information. The thing is, if we do not educate ourselves about what is truly going on in the world, and we continue to buy in to the propaganda that is put out on mainstream media, we lose. It is not about left or right is about right and wrong. If I walked around and asked random people if they thought they could trust our government, or if they thought that politicians were honest, what kind of response do you think I would get? I’m guessing I would get quite a few no’s and some laughter mixed in. If that is our overall perception of our government and of the people who run it, then why do most Americans so blindly follow them with such a “I’m sure it will all be ok” type of mentality. It makes no sense at all. Our founding fathers warned us when this great country was first fashioned. They told us to beware of a government that didn’t fear its people but one that the people feared. They warned us of so many things that are now happening, and yet so few of us have been paying attention. We are too caught up in IPods, the cars we drive and HBO. I do it too, I really do. I love my hobbies and that’s one of the things that make this country so great. We should be able to do what we love, and freely enjoy ourselves every step of the way. But when we lose track of what’s going on in our society because we are all too distracted with toys and hobbies, then it has become a problem. Regrettably, I feel like that was the plan all along. To distract the people with such an array of these things is a great way to pass hidden agendas. Let’s face it, would you rather watch your favorite TV show that you recorded with your DVR or would you rather spend 3 hours reading about a cap and trade bill? I’m pretty sure I would watch Entourage and then pop in Madden 10 if those were my two options. In a perfect world, one that several Americans think we live in, we could do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted and there would be no recourse for those actions. The problem with that is, remember, we don’t/can’t trust the people who we elect to take care of this country. They are always trying to pull something, if it’s hiding something in a bill, or flat out passing something that strips more and more liberties away from the people, and it’s going on at an alarming rate. It’s time for us to take a stand. We must not condone or ignore this any longer. We must inform ourselves of the travesties that are alive in this Great Nation. We must have a voice and be prepared to raise it when needed, for the sake of The Republic. This starts with educating ourselves with the truth. Do not take my word or anyone else’s. Do the research, the internet has an endless supply of this information. Heck, most of it is right on government pages. When we truly understand what is going on, only then will we be able to stand up effectively for our rights and the rights or our families. Sites like , . , and many more are alternative media sites that are great tools in educating yourself about what is going on in the world, the US and right here in my home state of Missouri. I have been personally been monitoring these sites for quite some time now, and have found that they report many things that are eventually covered by mainstream media without the “spin” that we have been getting fed for quite some time. They have predicted several events with stunning accuracy. Again, I will be passing on information that I find from those sites and others that I find can help all of us understand what is truly going on in the world today. I hope this finds others who have questions just as I had and still have and it can help to fight the info war that has been waged against the American People. God Bless.

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