Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sprint Gives FEMA GPS Tracking Technology

September 21, 2009

    In a news release, Sprint says it will provide FEMA with 2,000 Nextel handsets in support of FEMA’s nationwide vehicle tracking system. “As part of an agreement signed earlier this year, Sprint is providing handsets equipped with industry-leading Nextel  Direct Connect® and TeleNav Track, a cell phone-based GPS navigation and tracking service. This powerful combination of technologies allows the agency do its job efficiently during an emergency by supporting quick deployment and effective management of its critical resources. The ability to set up anywhere and at any time is crucial for FEMA, especially when the agency is called upon to provide disaster support,” the Sprint news release explains.

    “While Nextel Direct Connect allows instant and seamless communication among FEMA personnel and interoperable communications with first responder and law enforcement agencies, TeleNav Track allows FEMA to monitor in near real-time the location of its mission-critical resources, including ambulances, buses and trucks. With geo-fencing, authorized FEMA personnel can also receive alerts if a tracked unit travels outside or inside a defined geographic boundary. A key enabler of this solution is the rugged Motorola i365 handset with an embedded GPS location system and advanced operating system. The Motorola  operating system includes features which automatically run the TeleNav Track application in the background on power-up, eliminating the need for any user interaction and preventing unauthorized changes to the application.”

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