Monday, September 14, 2009

U.S. Media Reports Fake Numbers of D.C.Tea Party

James Green
The Info Revolution

The News Leader, from my home town of Springfield MO, was where I first noticed what I am calling a huge understatement of what may have been one of the most important events in U.S. history. As reported in the article posted below, numbers for the 9/12 Tea Party and Washington D.C. were estimated at more than 2 million. However, when I opened the Sunday paper the News Leader estimated "Tens of Thousands." That seemed like a gross understatement since those are more like the numbers for a football game, not an event that Obama himself left town this weekend to avoid. (Healthcare rally in Minnesota). The pictures from the event alone seem to have more than 'Tens of Thousands." So I started to do what we all should do when something doesn’t seem quite right, I looked it up. Millions, 2 maybe 3 million people are what media sites were reporting all over the world. You tube video from traffic cameras and more were all right there for me to see for myself. Just one more example of the U.S. media lying to us for the sake of government control. I almost feel like they are not even trying anymore since it was so obvious to any of us that caught this. Most of the country wouldn't have even noticed either. They all acted like it was a non event, gave it a very small amount of attention, and then passed it on as if it were just another day. Then today (Monday) I scan through the radio to see what they had to say about it and it seems that some of the media has now decided to turn it into a racist rally that was more about black and white than anything else. How long will they try to keep using the race card to protect this government and this president? Here are a few other words and terms that have now been deemed racist from certain U.S. media. Socialism = Racist, Lower Taxes = Racist, End the War = Racist, End the Fed = Racist. It’s out of hand, they are clearly reaching at this point and it is our duty as Americans to inform our friends and families and call the media on all the lies. Over 2 Million people showed up to protest at our nation’s capitol and it just gets passed over. It looks to me like a peaceful revolution has started and they are doing everything they can to keep it from growing. If you learn anything form this important event in U.S. history, learn that we cannot believe everything we read and hear on main stream media.

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