Sunday, September 27, 2009

Videos of LRAD Being Used Against Demonstrators and Innocent College Students and Citizens.

James Green

Authors note: This is some of the more disturbing videos I have ever witnessed.  The more I watch them the more I realize we do not live in the same country our parents grew up in.

Not only are the Military and Police using the LRAD sound wave weapon, tear gas, pepper gas, rubber bullets, and bean bag guns at close range on protesters.  They are also running up to them and beating the bloody hell out of them with billy clubs.  But wait, there's more.  Its not just protesters.  They went on to the campus of The University of Pittsburgh and attacked students who were not even protesting.  They "were unlawfully assembling"  while studying in groups (again on campus).  The stories are endless at this point.  Military and Police chasing people around town just to beat the crap out of them, many times picking on women.  Some videos show the LRAD being used up and down city streets that look like peaceful neighborhoods.  The worst part of all of this is the fact that this went on for days with out anyone stepping in and stopping the onslaught showing all of this that its not only OK how the military and police handled this but it was asked for.  For any of my readers who have looked into this on any level, you know that we live in a police state and have for some time.  I am speechless when this is going on outside of the G20 when President Obama is inside fulfilling his Role in this New World Order.  He is now being referred to as president of the world by many after taking the chair in the UN Security Counsel.  This is, of course, illegal according to The United States Constitution.  The U.S. President is not allowed to take this sort of position, I'm thinking this was put in to our Constitution for some pretty good reasons. (I really should not have to explain all the reasons why this would be bad)

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