Wednesday, October 7, 2009

End The Fed Nationwide Rallies

James Green
The Info Revolution

This was posted on the following sites and a national rally has been put together for Nov 22, 2009 in all 38 Cities that have Federal Reserve Buildings:

     On November 22nd we will celebrate the one year anniversary of the launching of the End the Fed! Movement. less than a year we have forced the Establishment to hold hearings on our bill to Audit the Fed! The END is much Nearer!

Let's keep spreading the words, waking up minds and not let the Fed and their associates have a good night's rest.

Please spread the word everwhere. Join your local ETF group here and get started right away planning your local ETF rally.

The National ETF Rally group is here:

Join that group to network with others nationally and share ideas and information, answer questions and get your questions answered, post and share graphics, materials and videos and help each other make November 22nd a great day for Freedom!

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