Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall of The Republic Was Worth The Wait, Now Lets Get Active

James Green
The Info Revolution

Well its finally here, and I must say it is a great film. This movie is a great tool for all of us just as I, and many others, thought it would be. If brilliantly explains the state of the union in a way that all of us can relate. Everything was broke down very clearly and even the most confusing topics are easy to understand. This is the tool we all have been waiting for so start getting copies into everyones hands. We have got to make this viral. Start with making the commitment like we have in making 50 copies and handing them out.  Friends, family, and at church are all places to get started. I bought a stack of 50 DVD's and a package of blank paper sleeves to put them in and spent around $20.00. I will be announcing very soon a local screening of the film to come and get copies if you haven't gotten any yet, and for you to bring others to come see the film.  God Bless you all and if you have not yet seen the movie enjoy it below.

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