Monday, October 12, 2009

Federal Jack Has Helpful, Or At Least Interesting Operations Manual For Countermeasures Against The NWO

Very interesting "Operations Manual"  Im reading it now so I thought I would post it for our readers in case you haven't seen it yet.  Here is the link and a short example.

Note to all: 
The publishers of this document are to be anonymous and WILL NEVER TAKE CREDIT for this work nor 
release any “revised” versions. For the purpose of this document is not for recognition or fame, but rather to 
aide in the defense of our freedom from the negative forces that have lied, mislead, and murder humanity since 
the days of old. May your allegiance be exclusively and always to Truth, never serve anything or anyone with 
the same loyalty for then and only then is when you are truly enslaved.  
                                              The Truth will set you free!! 

Current Situation  
We are constantly being targeted with disinformation and distractions in every level of our social life by the 
falsely labeled "Global Elite," through corporate media, entertainment, and their education systems. This, 
combined with our lack of knowledge on certain subjects, has created several false states of reality which the 
self-proclaimed "Global Elite" manipulate to further their selfish agenda. For the sake of keeping this doctrine 
easy to understand we will refer to all these conniving organizations, societies, agents, families, cults, factions, 
and individuals who wish to bring about the slavery of humanity and rule the planet with their world order 
simple as "New World Order"(NWO).  
You as the individual part of the organization representing the movement, has willfully taken upon the daunting 
task of exposing the New World Order by educating yourself as well as the masses. Using the knowledge you 
have acquired, your duty to humanity will not be fulfilled until the abolition of ignorance and greed becomes a 
reality. Your Brothers and Sisters have been active and fighting well before you, and the freedoms you now 
have are a direct result of their efforts. It is now your turn to carry the torch and continue the fight for freedom 
while never forgetting the sacrifices and burdens those before you have endured.  
The life you have chosen is now dedicated to informing the public by all means available in a well organized 
manner. Doing this we seek to unveil the massive amount of information that is either deliberately suppressed, 
ignored or simply unknown. Be strong, confident, wise, positive, and relentless in your actions and never falter 
when faced by insurmountably odds, instead rally with your fellow brethren and push forward in the name of 

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