Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lindsey Williams on The Alex Jones Show Oct 19, 2009

Pastor Lindsey Williams was on the Alex Jones Show yesterday Oct 19, 2009.  He was acting as if he had heard the news that all of us have been dreading but fear inevitable.  He was a chaplain at a large oil company many years ago and got to know an unnamed elitist.  He spoke with this man, who was described as 85 years old and near death, last week and couldn't believe what he told him. The Pastor spoke with the same man before when he predicted oil prices with uncanny accuracy and this is not the only thing the guy has got right from speaking with this elitist.  Simply put, the guy is always right.   Go to my YouTube page for the whole 7 part interview.  On the right side of my page there is a scroll bar and at the bottom of the scroll bar is my playlists that has the clips all together.  


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