Monday, October 26, 2009

Stand Up America

James Green
The Info Revolution

Its time to learn, reflect, then take a stand and reach out to our fellow Americans. The same 
Americans who you would expect to share the same truth with you if they knew and you didn't. When revolution turns to renaissance. A revival and renewed interest in our countries
sovereignty. Stand up now, while we still have that right. Be a part of something great, be a
part of history, the right side of history. When we look back 10 or 20 years from now and look
at the world and what its become, will we look back and know we did the right thing? Will
we know that we did what we could to shape the outcome? Our founding fathers and many
other patriots once stood the same way, in the face of tyranny. They gave us the freedoms and our constitution, then warned us of a time when people would try to strip us of it. These
tyrants know they would have no chance to walk onto our soil and use violence to take this
country, so they have used stealth. So many baby steps seem like nothing at first, but over
time we have seen great strides in the wrong direction. Empty promises, no transparency, and freedoms they have been striped from us one by one. Jobs are disappearing everyday. We must take time to reflect and they act swiftly to inform our neighbors.

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