Monday, November 23, 2009

Call of Duty Has Gone Too Far: How Our Children Are Being Programed Right Before Our Very Eyes

James Green
The Info Revolution

This is one of the more disturbing things I have seen in a while. To think of the way that our society is programmed and conditioned is becoming sickening. How our children are manipulated into believing that certain things are normal when most of us would be outraged if we stopped and paid attention.  Of course that’s the key, if we paid attention.  We live in a time when we are forced to not trust; a time when toys or games can be used to form ideals not just entertain. Face it, you could probably go on all day long about how messed up it is that propaganda and social programming rules our lives on a daily basis. It’s a constant that most don't see, let alone understand. When those of us, who have seen through the smoke and mirrors, truly get an understanding of what is going on, only then do we see how disturbing so many things have become.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, one of the most popular games of the year was released last week.  Many people rushed to stores at midnight the day of its release to be one of the first to check it out. I have to admit, graphics are great and the game play looks pretty real.  Some of my friends say its one of the best games they have ever played.  And no, I am not upset about the violence, shooting people has been apart of the gaming world forever now, like it or not, our kids shoot people in video games. It’s on us to teach them that it’s only a game, or do the unimaginable and not let them play it at all.  So what's the deal?  Why such a grand lead in?  Modern Warfare 2 has a controversial level that even gives the option to skip over it two separate times. (Watch video below to see the whole level) The level is set up in an airport, and you have infiltrated a terrorist group and you are earning their trust. Your objective is to kill every civilian in the airport then get out while sending some sort of a message by doing so. Unarmed, people in an airport, hands in the air and running for their lives, being shot down like they are in some sick parallel scenario of a Columbine or Fort Hood. That’s pretty messed up folks, to think your kids are playing a game that makes it "cool" to play the forbidden level. I can see it now, 10 year old kids telling their parents they are going over to Bobby's house after school to play, when the whole thing is orchestrated just to play this game before Bobby's older brother gets home from his (insert after school activity here). But that’s not the worst part, it gets worse then just killing defenseless people.  The idea that is forced on your kids in this level is this: You are a double agent fighting terror, therefore you must join up with other terrorists to commit acts of violence such as killing everyone in an airport for the sake of the war on terror or for national security. It actually asks you to kill innocent people for the betterment of the fight against terror. Yeah, killing people is fine, just as long as you have a really good reason Bobby!  Sometimes we need to kill the good innocent people to catch the bad guys and that’s just fine, I mean you don't want Bin Laden to come to your house and kill you and your family, do you Bobby?  Then pick up that fully automatic assault rifle and start shooting, because that’s the way we do it in America, and it’s the only way to keep us safe from the boogieman! That’s the only way we can save America!  

Ok, so that’s a little much right?  Wrong, that is the message that is being sent to our youth.  You have to understand that it’s done over and over again too.  Movies, kids shows, prime time TV, and commercials (well commercials are kind of supposed to do this and at least we expect it more).  The Fox network and others have just announced last month that the U.S. Government will be using fall television programming to send messages to the American people about climate change and government service.  So our loving government is now openly announcing that they push their agenda on the American people through popular TV shows.  I will resist the chance, or at least not go into great detail about it, to point out how our tax dollars go to use against us over and over again. 

So if that’s what we know about, then what don't we know?  How far have they really taken it?  Just watch Alex Jones' new film, Fall of The Republic, to see how television has been used for mind control for years. (Clip below)  To understand how our memories can be changed though the images in our mind being slightly altered is amazing.  By altering these images, we can then be manipulated into thinking and remembering differently. It’s really not too hard to believe if you give it just a little thought.   

We need to understand what is going on, inform ourselves, and stop mindlessly staring at television sets. Let me paint a hypothetical picture for you; this will sound far fetched at first but that’s the point.  Try to imagine you wanted to make someone believe, lets say, that paper was made from old Christmas ornaments and every other form of paper production was toxic.  I know that most people will stare at their televisions for hours a day, so this becomes an obvious avenue for information.  I would then figure out a way to tell people in the shows you watch and through the news that non-toxic paper is running out to create a social awareness.  Then I show in another show that someone is gathering Christmas ornaments to take to the ornament-recycling center to make paper.  I make that person out to be a responsible good person who is doing the right thing, someone that everyone likes, and has great hair.  Without even trying I have already put into the minds of the people watching this that the paper supply is low and the only way to save the paper supply is to take your Christmas ornaments to be recycled.  Well after getting the idea out there, I have decided to bring it up a notch.  Now I will make a show that has someone putting up old ornaments for Christmas and how the whole neighborhood is appalled.  Now the culture has changed to adapt the new idea, and people who are uneducated on the subject use this social programming as a learning tool.  They then begin to enforce this idea, and spread the message to others because of the fake social responsibility that has been created though the media.  As disturbing as it sounds, people really do use television shows and movies to educate themselves. These are merely illustrations on how media and pop-culture demonize people for doing something seemingly harmless and promote a new idea at the same time. Now without telling you why, you have been conditioned.  Little do you know, this whole time, I own all the new "safe" paper companies and new ornament companies where you will replace the old ones, the recycling centers, and at the same time, I have driven my competitors out of business and probably got some kind of government incentive to run the program.  All with propaganda and the fact that you cant get enough CSI.

Propaganda is truly everywhere you look.  If you spend any time at all looking around, you will find more then you could ever imagine. This has been going on forever, and it just keeps getting worse.  Call of duty, makes me even more concerned though because of the life like terror ideals.  With so many questions around 9-11, and many pointing to U.S. involvement, would it be totally off to think our military and government would do something like that?  When video games show our military teaming up with terrorists to kill an airport full of people just to what? Get in with them more to prove some false loyalty? As if there is something more important out there you would be saving your cover for.  Obviously saving an airport full of innocent people isn’t enough.  At the end of the level the real terrorists kill the character the gamer is playing because they know he is a spy or double agent anyways. Even after shooting down hundreds if not thousands with an assault riffle, “you still get killed every time,” one gamer told me when researching the game. When you have a government that has time and time again been caught with its hand in the cookie jar, how could this not be disturbing.  The Obama administration is no different then Bush, if not worse.  Same plans, same agenda, just like the administration before that, and the trend has continued for quite some time now.  For instance, when you look into Operation Northwoods, and see that our government has had plans for false flag terror you start to see the picture that maybe things are not so black and white.  Maybe it isn’t as clear as “red blooded American” vs. “Terrorist.” When we have plans to attack the American people, on our soil, just to start a war with someone else it makes the possibilities endless.  Lets hope the last part of the games trailer that shows Washington DC burning down in flames with several dead just lying on the ground isn't some sick preview of what's to come. The Globalist Elite do have a sick need to announce several things before they happen; only to have the media act like it was never said in the first place. To see this and understand it is to know you cannot trust and believe in a government that has these kinds of thoughts and ideas.  And for those of you who would point out that the government didn't make this video game so why would I suggest that they have something to do with it or the games message, understand that if they had a problem with it, it would not have been in the game in the first place.  The military recruits video gamers and trains with xbox and wii controlers now to ease transition from the games on the market to the actual weapons system controls that they use today.  So many things seem to link together, and in this day and age it is hard not to connect the dots.

Just pay attention because it’s all around you.  For your sake and your kids, you need to be aware of what kind of world is out there and what we are moving towards. Its time we stop living in our bubbles, and stop being unaware of what is going on with our television sets and video game consoles. We don't have the luxury of being uninformed anymore, that time has passed as a new world is been laid before us.  Things are about to change on a global scale, and just so you don't wake up one day and not know where you are, you better start paying attention.

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Razakael S. K. said...

First, there's a reason you're allowed to skip "The Airport Level" in CoD: Modern Warfare 2. It’s because that level is too intense for people who get wrapped up in games; in fact, not only can the player choose to skip the level, but at no point is the player required to shoot one of the innocents. It is perfectly acceptable to the in-game terrorists for you to simply walk next to them without trying to turn on them, only requiring one to shoot at well-armed men for progression which could count as self defense. Even if that argument gets you riled up, the “skip level” option is available at the pause menu throughout the segment for those who are made too uncomfortable. For regular gamers who view games as a form of media, it's no more desensitizing than a movie- in fact it may be less so, as movie ratings are less strict than game ratings systems. By the way, it would be nice to see people up in arms about film standards instead of video games for once; if you've seen a Saw movie, High Tension, or the trailer for Human Centipede, you should be able to see that these are much worse than anything sold in the video game section at your local store. While I agree that some games walk a fine line, and others in the past have crossed it, movies have done far worse.

Furthermore, unrated DVDs are sold nearly everywhere, and none of the big chain stores will touch Adults Only (18+) rated games. If AO games are searched on the ESRB website, you will find that there are a total of 24. Only two of these have been released on videogame consoles & due to the ridiculously small market once Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and all other giants refuse to carry it, these are hardly an issue.

This brings me to my last point of argument, which is the ratings system for games. It’s called the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), it exists, it’s everywhere, and it works- all the parent has to do is read the stickers on the display cases that tell you what the ratings mean; M 17+ means Mature: Age 17 and Up, and so on. Use common sense- if there’s a weapon on the box, you probably shouldn’t buy it for your second-grader, and if you’re going to, make sure you’re comfortable with the content of the game which is clearly listed on the back of the box. If you walk in and see people’s heads exploding when your child is playing video games, take it away. Cashiers are legally required to check ID of any consumers who may be underage for the purchase of Mature-Rated games in a large number of states, so an adult is the only one able to purchase the game. Your child’s exposure to obscene materials is your responsibility: you had the kid, now raise it. If your kid screws up, it’s not the video game’s fault; it’s yours for letting him play it.

All in all, you have the right idea- we need to stay informed and aware of what children are being exposed to- but I can't agree with your take on the subject. We as a society should have been aware and informed from the beginning, and we need to realize that blaming something else for our problems doesn't make them go away. Do you remember hearing about how rock and roll was seen as “the devil’s music” and Elvis Presley used to be controversial? Do you see what you’re doing? People need to stop using games as a scapegoat and start focusing on personal and parental responsibility, because that's where the problem is. If the denial runs too deep, the least you could do is choose a better target to eschew the blame.