Monday, November 16, 2009

Mark Dice Tries to Sell a One Ounce Gold Coin to People on The Street For Only $50

Mark Dice tries to sell a one ounce pure cold coin for $50 but nobody has a clue how much gold is worth, and nobody wanted it.  I have been trying to tell people myself that they should move money over to gold. Every thing we look at in relation to gold, and the future value of gold, points to the idea that gold will climb to heights never before seen.  Right now its around $1,150 per ounce, and its climbing every day.  It has been announced over and over agin that the dollar is going to fall.  Foreign countries are moving away from american dollars to gold at an alarming rate, but Americans have no idea what is going on. A clueless society that is more educated in pop culture and pro sports then current affairs.  And what's worse is that the few that actually try and keep up on the news has no idea that they are being lied to daily by a corporate media with agendas. When you watch this video try not to fall into a full blown depression when thinking about how stupid most people have become. 

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