Wednesday, February 24, 2010

James Green Files to Run for State Representative in Missouri's 134th District

James Green was among a state record 417 filers who will be seeking office in the 2010 state election.  The Patriot minded Green, who said "I kicked it around for some time, I knew I wanted to run, and finally after a lot of support from friends, family and other local patriots, I went ahead and made the announcement".

 Green, who has worked in Springfield for the past 9 years, has been a resident of Missouri for his whole life.  When asked about what it would mean for him to be able to represent the people at a state level he responded with this refreshing response; "It means the world to me to have the opportunity to run for this office.  I love my state and I love my country". James added,  "I know things are not going the way that any of us would like to see in our government.  I, like many, am mad too.  I can not believe the mess things are in.  I wont lie to you and tell you I have all the answers because I don't, but I will be honest and I will work my rear off for the people of Missouri in hopes of getting this state and this country back in the right direction."

James has never ran for a public office but has served as President of the USBC High School Bowling Program in 2009, in what was their inaugural season.  The High School Bowling program started with the 5 Springfield Public Schools and has now grown to several more schools in the community in only its second year. Stepping down this year, he hopes to focus more on his political future.

Green will be running as a Republican and as of today, will be up against one other Republican candidate  in the August 3rd primaries for the 134th District that includes Republic, Battlefield, Brookline, Ash Grove and a very small part of Springfield near Battlefield.

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