Friday, May 7, 2010

Missouri House Candidate Signs Pledges to Show He Means Business


Republic, Missouri - May 7, 2010 - James Green, candidate for the 134th District Missouri State House of Representatives has signed the following pledges:  The 10th Amendment Center Pledge and the State Taxpayer Protection Pledge.  Both pledges can be seen here:

Showing support for lower taxes and the 10th amendment, James is the first person in his race to sign these pledges and intends to follow up on them. “I couldn’t have written these pledges better myself,” says Green, “ I am very excited to show the people of our district how far I am willing to go for them. Hopefully this will show the voters that I am not only willing to say these words, but to pledge to them.”

Other candidates and legislators from around the country have taken these and similar pledges on topics such as Lower Taxes, States’ Rights, and repealing the recently passed Healthcare Bill.“I hope to see more candidates in the area follow my lead and pledge to do these things and not just promise them” Green added.

James Green is running to replace Jim Viebrock in the 134th district who has reached his 4-term limit. Green is on the Republican Primary Ballot in the Aug. 3 Elections. Viebrock is running for Greene County Presiding Commissioner.

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